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Goalie Scholorship

By Nelson Hockey Association, 06/15/20, 4:15PM EDT


The Goalie Guild and the Martha Kennedy Memorial Goalie Scholarship have joined forces in order to provide male and female goalies (ages 8-16) in the USA impacted by the Coronavirus with financial assistance for their league and team fees. This program is in honor of the late Martha Kennedy, a special hockey mom and amazing woman who dedicated her life to her goalie son, Scott Kennedy.


Applications can be submitted through The Goalie Guild website under Scholarships or via this link:




In March of 2018, Dave decided to honor Martha by setting up the Martha Kennedy Memorial Goalie Scholarship and award it to 10-U goalies. Why 10U, you ask? Great question. In 2017, Martha's son Scott spent the summer helping the 10U goalies during summer skates and Martha loved the contrast in size between Scott, 6’1”, and 10U goalies some of whom were barely taller than the boards. She loved watching Scott work with them, giving back to hockey, and we were just another hockey family. Cancer wasn’t there.

2018 was the first year of the Martha Kennedy Memorial Scholarship which saw six goalies submit applications. Dave awarded all six with scholarships for amounts ranging from $1,000 down to $100. He also bought new leg pads for a 10-U goalie who desperately needed an upgrade.

In 2019, Dave opened the scholarship up to 12U goalies as well. That resulted in nine total applications (seven 12U and two 10U). He awarded one “full-ride” to each age group (10U & 12U) and two additional half-ride scholarships. The “full rides” covered all registration fees, which was roughly $1,650 each, and the ‘half rides’ covered roughly $800 each. In addition to the financial support, he set up a non-winning 10-U goalie with a new pair of skates, as he was wearing skates that were older than him. Another 12-U goalie was still wearing youth-sized gear, so he set her up with a new catch glove, blocker, chest protector, and neck guard. Lastly, he awarded one final 12-U goalie with another playing scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

The Kennedy family looks forward to further expanding the Martha Kennedy Memorial Scholarship in 2020 and for years to come with our partnership with The Goalie Guild. Please see the application below and, if you are able, please consider contributing to the fund via GoFundMe.