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Nelson Hockey Association

Nelson Hockey Association Inc. was created in1997 as a non-profit youth hockey organization to teach the fundamentals of ice hockey, promote character development and physical fitness, and instill the principles of fair play and healthy competition. Founder and Director, Nelson Burton, has spent more than 40 years playing and coaching hockey. He has played the game at every level from neighborhood pond hockey in his native Canada all the way to the NHL and continues to play in a local men’s league.  Nelson’s goal is to provide a fun, competitive and inclusive environment for players to grow their skills, develop a love for the game and create life-long friendships.


All players are required to arrive at the rink wearing their hockey base layer or shorts and t-shirts under their street clothes or use the restroom to change into their hockey base layer or shorts and t-shirt. All members of the team must be wearing this minimum attire at ALL times while in the locker room to include both before and after games and practices. This policy will apply to ALL teams/players regardless of gender and will apply at home and away.

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